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Classroom Courses

Communication Skills & Job Placement Course

Communication Skills consists of 4 skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. This course initially assess's the student's strength and weakness in each of these skills. Depending on which areas he wishes to improve, the topics are customised and a course module is created. During the course we help the student go for job interviews and get a job. After admission, we ask the student to email his resume to

Course for Degree Students

The most common requirement of Graduate and Post Graduate students is Campus Recruitment Training (CRT), Interview Skills, Project Presentation Skills and Group Discussion Skills. This course has been specially designed keeping in mind the language skills of students. It is focussed on making the student successful in Campus Placement or Job Placement.

Spoken English and Job Training

This course focuses on improving the student's Spoken English and preparing him for Job Interviews. Along with Grammar and Vocabulary, the other key topics taught in this course are: Interview Skills, Presentation Skills, Group Discussion Skills.

Summer Course for Children

We have a special 1 month course for Children. In this course, we teach them new vocabulary, correct their grammatical mistakes and make them more confident in speaking. The classes are full of activities and games, so that children enjoy themselves and improve their communication skills. Class is for 2 hours everyday.

Design your own Course

In this course, you can choose the Topics that you wish to learn. Based on your current level of English and chosen topics, our website will recommend a Course Code. You can visit any of our centers, inform the counsellor of the Course Code and take admission in your Customised Course. To Design your own course, please click on this link

Call Center Training

We have many students who wish to improve their Communication Skills primarily for a Call Center Job. This course focuses on the language requirements in an International Call Center. This course has many topics dedicated to Vocabulary and Correctness of Speech. Accent Neutralization is also taught in this course.

Corporate Training

If you are a working Professional or someone who wishes to enter the Corporate World, this course is suitable for you. This course teaches the student the syntax and lexicon used in Business meetings and negotiations. The course teaches the participant to be polite but firm in getting his ideas across, in a professional manner.